Evta-Be Member contribution 2018

New members can always join via our site and endorse the ethical code (professionals). Anyone who becomes a member from now on will remain members until December 2018. Contribution is 45 € for professionals and sympathizers, 25 € students - 26 years. Supporting members are welcome with a membership fee of + € 45


April 14 2018 - 10.30 to 18.00

Symposium “Your body, your voice” in the context of “World Voice Day”  

The symposium will take place at our partner Thomas More, Kronenburgstraat 68 in Antwerp.

Because we experienced at the 2016 symposium that the interactive lectures were particularly appreciated by those present, we will go one step further in 2018. In the morning, the lecturers give a presentation about their way of working. In the afternoon the same people give rotating workshops so that everyone can experience the influence of bodywork on your voice.

As always, our symposium is accessible to every lover of good voice use.

3 November 2018

10.00-13.00 “Body and Voice, the link”: manual self-therapy for a freer and more flexible voice with Emmanuelle Trinquesse, singer and physiotherapist

14-17h: “Singing, movement and staging” with Jeanne Dambreville, choir conductor and dancer

Eurovox 2018

Eurovox 2018 ‘Vocal Fusion’ 

The place to be for every singer and everyone who is professionally involved in the singing voice.

The Hague Netherlands 30/8-1/9 2018

Location: Koninklijk Conservatorium Den Haag, Juliana van Stolberglaan 1, Den Haag

Website: https://www.eurovox.eu