12 October 10 am - 5 pm two workshops

2 workshops with our new partner, the Conservatorium of Kortrijk. Conservatoriumplein 3, 8500 Kortrijk For the first time we can organize a workshop in West Flanders, for which we warmly thank the management of the Conservatory. The location is easy to reach with public transportation.


10 am - 1 pm: Voice science translated into practice - Laurel Irene (US) & Dr. ir. David Harris (US)

Do you also think that the science of the voice may be very valuable but sometimes difficult to interpret for a singing teacher? Then this workshop offers the key. VoiceScienceWorks, represented by Laurel Irene and Dr. David Harris, also thought that singing teachers can only pass on scientific knowledge to their students if it is directly applicable in a singing lesson. They are the founders of www.voicescienceworks.org, an organization whose mission is to offer free information to help voting professionals translate challenging and recent voting science into techniques that can be used immediately. A small example? Remember the recent Laurel / Yanny hype where one group of people heard Laurel and the other group Yanny. Click here to know why.

Their blog about straw phonation is also interesting. We have already had workshops around Lax Vox and are working with the Flow Ball. Here they explain in great detail why this method is also very useful to get a freer voice. Click here to read the blog.

2 pm - 5 pm Complete Vocal Fitness - Claudia Friedlander,


Claudia applies the concept of sport-specific training to the voice in many different ways. The workshop will discuss the principles of strength and flexibility training, and demonstrate how they can be used to optimize larynx alignment, stability, air management and mobility. Those who attended our symposium last year experienced, among other things, how a squat (bending at the knees) can indicate where you can get (or have) a voice problem because the balance in your body is not optimal and your larynx cannot function freely.
Through this link, Claudia explains how you can get less tension on the tongue. During her workshop Claudia will give many more practical exercises that can be used in singing lessons.

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Price for 1 workshop

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