27/09: 4 Webinars: "The voice throughout life" with Jenevora Williams (UK), Annelies Labaere (B) and Evelien D'haeseleer (B)

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10:00 - 11:00 Jenevora Williams (UK): The developing singing voice

 When teaching singing to children and adolescents we need to consider the developmental limitations and also technical possibilities of each stage. During adolescent change this is even more important, as there will be limitations of range and flexibility. With the help of recordings of voices of all ages, we can explore how to help our young singers gain the most enjoyment from their singing.

Dr. Jenevora Williams has an international reputation for vocal health and singing education. The combination of academic study and practical experience has resulted in a unique perception for understanding the human voice. She was the first voice teacher to receive a PhD in voice science in the UK and won the 2010 BVA Van Lawrence Prize for her outstanding contribution to voice research. Her book and accompanying DVD, Teaching Singing to Children and Young Adults, is hugely popular with singing teachers around the world.

11: 15-12: 15 Annelies Labaere "Dealing with the voice mutation in young singers" (Dutch presentation)

During puberty, the voice undergoes profound changes, especially in boys. We will consider the anatomical and physiological evolution at the basis of this, explain how you can recognize the beginning of the voice mutation and how you can best guide a growing singer in the transition to the adult voice.

Annelies Labaere is a speech therapist with a specialization in voice. She is a teacher at the Speech Therapy and Audiology course, Thomas More, Antwerp. Annelies teaches voice with great enthusiasm, she supervises voice-related research projects and coordinates the postgraduate voice course. She also has her own practice in Berchem, where she guides professional voice users as well as young people and adults with a variety of voice problems.




13: 15-14: 15 Evelien D'haeseleer (B): The voice in menopause (Dutch presentation)

In this webinar you will learn what changes the voice undergoes during menopause. You will learn how hormonal changes affect the vocal folds and the effect of hormone substitution on the voice. We also discuss what research teaches us about how we can combat voice ageing.

Professor D'haeseleer is affiliated with the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences at Ghent University.

She published 8 articles on the voice before and after the menopause.


14: 30-15.30 Jenevora Williams (UK)The older singing voice

As our bodies age, we will also experience changes in our voices, both in range and stamina. Singing is fundamentally important for the wellbeing of the older generation; we will be looking at ways of helping singers to negotiate the changes necessary in order to maintain their vocal abilities.

Jenevora Williams works extensively in the field of vocal health and rehabilitation. Much of this is with the older singer, predominantly those who sing in choirs. She has studied the physiological changes that occur, both as a result of changing hormone levels in women, but also later in life as a result of ageing.



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