Code of Ethics



Code of Ethics
for voice teachers

1. Basic values:

I commit myself

  • to professional behaviour in all areas of my work, motivated by my sense of responsibility towards my fellow citizens, my country and its laws.
  • to be continually aware of my responsibility to the arts, and to be guided by my dedication to music, to the art of singing and its pedagogy.
  • to value and mutually respect cultural diversity as fundamental to my job.
  • to correct behaviour in questions of business ethics.

2. Our knowledge:

I recognize,

  •  that current knowledge of my area of expertise is essential to and serves the goal of good teaching and the credibility of my work. Therefore, I consider it my responsibility to broaden and actualize my base of knowledge of the physiological, psychological, technical and musical content of my area of expertise.
  • that the knowledge of my students, their age and developmental factors, their personalities and their motivation to sing, calls for a differentiated approach to the teaching of singing. I consider it my responsibility to continually further my knowledge of pedagogy and the science of learning.
  • the increasing necessity of continuous evaluation of my work.
  • I consider it to be my responsibility to reflect critically and honestly on my own teaching practices, to admit my weaknesses and minimize my deficits.
  • I also consider it to be my responsibility to respect the knowledge and perceptions of my colleagues.
  • I consider it to be my responsibility to address critical comments and questions from my students and their audiences in an appropriate manner.

3. Professional relationships:

My relationships to my colleagues shall be guided by the principle of mutual respect.

Therefore I commit myself

  • to establishing and developing my relationships with professional colleagues in accordance with the values of mutual respect. I commit myself
  • to do what is in my power as an individual to contribute to a good working atmosphere within my professional surroundings.
  • to actively seek communication with colleagues and to consider their criticism a vital and helpful aspect of my professional responsibility. 
  • to respecting the results of my colleagues’ teaching and not to take credit for work done by other teachers.
  • to refraining from teaching students of other teachers without their knowledge.
  • to seeking appropriate means of addressing abuse of any kind as it becomes known to me and not to remain silent.

My relationships to my students shall be characterized by the desire to further their talents and development as best I can. My first concern shall be their physical and emotional health and wellbeing.

Therefore, I commit myself

  • to creating a positive atmosphere for learning and to guiding them to independence.
  • to respecting the individuality of each student and recognizing the differences between them both in my relationships to them and in my pedagogy.
  • to listening to their questions and comments and taking these seriously.
  • to evaluating their talents realistically and conscientiously, giving them suitable encouragement but not awakening false hopes or suggesting unrealistic professional possibilities.
  • to giving students clear information as to expectations and responsibilities and formulating clear agreements in financial matters.
  • to supporting my students at performances and competitions and, should the time come,  as they enter the professional world.
  • to guiding my students to independence by avoiding any kind of dependency and by respecting their freedom if they choose to go their own way.

In all areas, my demeanour shall be guided by the following principle: I will endeavour to treat others as I wish to be treated.

„Knowledge gives us strength,
experience gives us peace and confidence
but love and dedication gives us greatness.“

“Wissen gibt uns Stärke,
Erfahrung gibt uns Ruhe und Gelassenheit,
Liebe und Hingabe aber gibt uns Größe”.

Prof. Berthold Schmid, Präsident BDG

Confirmed in August 2006 at the Annual Meeting of the EVTA Council in Vienna, Austria