Honorary Members

Wivine Decoster, honorary member of Evta-Be

Wivine Decoster is Doctor of Logopaedic and Audiological Sciences and head teacher at the same education within the Faculty of Medicine of the KU Leuven. The fascination for the voice arose during the courses of music and word art of the DKO in the Izegem Music Academy. Since then, her entire course of study was in the shape of the voice: the graduate program (professional bachelor) speech therapy at the HTI in Brugge (now KHBO), the license (now master) and the doctorate at the KU Leuven. The voice is also the focus of her current teaching and research tasks. The whole range of voice pathology about optimization of the speaking voice to singing voice gets full attention in class assignments, internship guidance, master theses, research projects and organization of further education classes. Her interest and research in the singing voice has become possible thanks to collaboration with Lieve Jansen, Singing teacher at Luca-school of arts Campus Lemmens and affiliated researcher at the Department of Logopaedic and Audiological Sciences.

Thanks to her expertise, Wivine Decoster was invited by the Board of Evta-Be to become Chairman of the Advisory Board, a task taken over by Ayla Benoy.

The Evta-Be Board has given her honorary membership after her goodbye as chairman of the AB.