Jolien Van der Veken - Secretary - PR employee

Jolien has been busy with music from an early age. At 4, she learned to play violin and sang all day. In 2011, Jolien achieved her higher degree of vocal and lyrical art at the SLAC conservatory in Leuven. In addition, she followed musical stages, music camps, choir songs, baroque singing, ... Jolien sang at the Gents Madrigaal Choir (GMK), Leuven University Choir (MEC) and Octopus Ensemble. During her program of speech therapy and audiology at the KU Leuven, she was able to fully understand the voice and during a foreign internship in Leipzig and her master's thesis the singing voice continued to fascinate her. In September 2011, Jolien started in the speech therapy centre in Leuven, a group practice where she treated both functional and organic speech disorders in children and adults. In addition, she also worked on functional and organic articulation disorders in older children and adults and optimized the voice and articulation of logopaedic students, teachers, singers, actors and journalists. In her first year, Jolien obtained the certificate Postgraduate Student at the Lessius University of Antwerp. Afterwards she obtained her ManaMa Specific Teacher Training in Health Sciences (KU Leuven). In August 2013, Jolien introduced Voicemobiel, a "mobile practice" where she gives workshops, vocabulary and vocational education at home, at schools, in companies and institutions. For her further personal development, she followed the academic research on voice at the KU Leuven.

She taught at the RITS in Brussels, was connected to the Voice Clinic Praktijkhuis Perwijs in Duffel and is currently a lecturer at the Artevelde University in Ghent.