October 24 2020 "Comfortable in the spotlights: The mental training of singing"

Knowing how to turn stage fear, stress and mental blockages into positive energy.

Online interactive workshops to replace the canceled March 14 Workshops due to Covid-19.


10 am-1pm: Workshop

Mental training for performers: Ownership Balance

With Lise Liv Skovgaard, psychologist, vocal coach, singer. (DK)

As a singing coach, Lise Liv has been guiding singers on both vocal technical and mental level for 16 years. She is also an experienced therapist working on stress, anxiety and depression.

Her vision: Ownership Balance is based on the idea that technical achievements and mental flexibility are 2 essential skills for an artist.

Every artist has his limitations; if we experience these, we have 2 choices: become afraid or accept that they exist.

When we choose acceptance, we create flexibility in our thinking. This flexibility gives us the best opportunities to meet challenges. The goal is to learn how to keep the mind flexible. Ownership Balance is about sharing strategies to help implementers with their most crucial lesson; how to deal with the things that we cannot change and the awareness to change what can be changed.


2:15 pm-5:15 pm

Safely navigating emotions on stage comfortably going with the flow

With Verena Welser (AT).

Have you ever felt shaky just before going on stage? Or did you ever have uncontrollable, wobbly knees while singing your well-prepared song? Deeply rooted body emotions can emerge during intense moments on stage. Verena will explore this crossroad of the psyche and the voice as the core subject of this lecture/workshop.


Every emotion bears a potential energy that can be suppressed or expressed. But it can also be used as a fuel for anything one wants to achieve on stage. The combination of psychotherapy and voice work gives us very powerful tools to use any emotion for an authentic, alive performance.


During this lecture/workshop, you will learn some simple tools that help you stay in control of the structured performance while navigating the flow of (sometimes unexpected) emotions.


After presenting the theoretical framework of both Fitzmaurice Voicework and the Concentrative Movement Therapy, Verena will share a selection of practical exercises, centered around awareness and expression.


Verena Welser is a trained Singer, Fitzmaurice Voicework Associate Teacher, Montessori Educator and Psychotherapist (in training).


Please note: limited number of participants so that each participant can be sufficiently involved via ZOOM.


Members and students: € 50

Non-members: € 80

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