Past Activities 2012 - 2017

          Evta-Be Activities from 2012





5/5/2012 Leuven Lemmens Institute: "The voice, a versatile instrument"

30/10/2012 Namur Imep: "Posture and breathing, the basis for a healthy voice"

19/10/2013 Genk KNO Hospital East Limburg: "Use of the voice in all its aspects"

31/10/2014 Ghent Conservatory: “Psychology & The Voice - Influences of emotion and stress on the voice & How to handle it”

7/11/2015 Antwerp De! Kunsthumaniora: "Vocal Pedagogy from the base to the top"

5/11/2016 Antwerp Conservatory: "Why does singing together makes us happy?"

30/8 to 1/9 2017 Ghent collaboration with Pevoc 12 "Cherishing Cross-Fertilizing Worlds" EVTA round table: "voice therapy and singing pedagogy: redundancy or complementarity?" And workshop "Use of the flow ball in singing and speech voice training "



30/10 Namur Imep "Freeing the Natural Voice - Body Awareness and Breathing Awareness - An Intro Workshop into Kristin Linklaters Voice Method" with Els Jourquin

30/10 Namur Imep "Posturology in singing or speech lessons" with Joseph Quoidbach.


16/3 Gent OLV Middelares "Through improvisation we discover a specific written score" with Françoise Vanhecke.

25/5 Leuven KU Leuven Campus Gasthuisberg "Lichtenberger - Sound-oriented Singing" with Livia Cuypers and Anita Eggermont.

20/9 Antwerp Thomas Moore College "Emotion & Voice: Feeling Your Voice is feeling yourself" with Peter Rouffaer.

20/9 Antwerp Thomas Moore Hogeschool "Overtone singing" with Raphael De Cock.


22/3 Leuven KU Leuven Campus Gasthuisberg "Alexander technique" with Helga Henckens and Lieve Hermans

22/3 Leuven KU Leuven Campus Gasthuisberg "Stress, Prevention, Reduction and Relaxation" with Mirjam Vervaeke

17/5 Leuven Luca School of Arts Campus Lemmens "From performance to experience" (via the Lichtenberger method) with Livia Cuypers and Anita Eggermont.

19/9 Antwerp Koor&Stem "Psychology & the voice - Influences of emotion and stress on the voice and how to handle it" with Koen Korevaar and Karen Verniers.


25/4 Beveren Music Academy "Breath is the basis of your voice" with Catryn Wyn-Davies.

25/4 Beveren Music Academy "Masterclass for DKO students of the higher grade" (no age limit) in various vocal styles with Kristien Coenen, (Musical), Sarah Algoet (CVT) and Lieve Jansen (Classical).

22/5 Schoten Music Academy "CVT-Complete Vocal Technique" with Sarah Algoet.

24/9 Overijse Music Academy "Basic classical singing for non-singers and non-classically-educated singers" with Lieve Jansen.

25/9 Dendermonde Music Academy "Estill VoiceTraining" with Outi Kähkönen.

6/11 Antwerp De! Kunsthumaniora "Public Masterclass classical singing for young professional singers and students from conservatories and colleges" with Maarten Koningsberger, also accessible to passive participants.

6/11 Antwerp De! Kunsthumaniora "Lax Vox" with Dr. Ilter Denizoglu.

6/11 Antwerp De! Kunsthumaniora "Workshop for vocal teachers" with Maarten Koningsberger.


23/4 Leuven Luca School of Arts Campus Lemmens 10-13u "Masterclass Musical" with Tom Dewulf for DKO students, students in professional education and members of Musical ensembles.

23/4 Leuven Luca School of Arts Campus Lemmens 14-17u "Workshop for singing teachers and conductors of musical ensembles" with Tom Dewulf

23/4 Leuven Luca School of Arts Campus Lemmens 10-13u "Student Coaching and Interdisciplinary Cooperation" with Lieve Jansen, vocal teacher, Jolien Van der Veken, speech therapist and Nico Lambrechts, Osteopath

14/10 Anderlecht Music Academy 10-17u "Workshop for singing teachers" with Maarten Koningsberger

15/10 Anderlecht Music Academy 10-17u "Masterclass: solos and ensembles" with Maarten Koningsberger

15/10 Anderlecht Music Academy 10-13u "Workshop on stress, failure anxiety and stage anxiety" with Heleen Grooten

15/10 Anderlecht Music Academy 14-17h "Functional Voice Disorders" with Heleen Grooten

4/11 Antwerp Music Academy 14-17h "The intelligent and the organic choir" with Jim Dhaus Hjernoe and Peder Karlsson


12/2 Linden School for Music and Word 10-17u "Improvement of Text, Music and Movement for Singers and Speakers" with Peter Rouffaer and Jazz combo

4/3 Academy MWD Geel 10-17u "Masterclass Text Interpretation in Songs" with Mariette Witteveen

4/11 AZ Jan Palfijn Gent 10-13u "The strength of your tongue" with Nico Lambrechts

4/11 AZ Jan Palfijn Ghent 14-17h "Transferring the message with creative, strategic and healthy voice use" Complete Vocal Technique for Speakers with Sarah Algoet

World Voice Day Activity:

16/4/2013 Leuven Lemmens Institute "Mozart's voice", lecture with Philippe Dejonckere