Peter Rouffaer

Peter Rouffaer is a freelance actor and retired artistic teacher at the department of Drama of the KASK in Ghent. As a voice and drama teacher, Peter Rouffaer was affiliated with the conservatories of Brussels and Liège and KASK in Ghent and other urban conservatories and acting studios.

He obtained a master in Sociology (1971) with a thesis in “sociological-organisational problems of the theatre” and signed up for a year of specialisation in Art Sociology at the University of South Africa in Pretoria (1972).

Afterwards he obtained a 1st prize in theatre at the Royal Conservatory of Brussels (1981) where he got his actor’s training from S. Rouffaer, J. Decorte and J. Devos. Furthermore he got an education in painting at the Portaelschool at Vilvoorde led by Guido Verhaege. This resulted in a group exhibition in Vilvoorde with amongst others Pierre Bogaerts (winner of the Jeune Peinture Belge) and Guido Verhaege.

To ensure a more holistic approach of his voice he enrolled for several courses, amongst which Teachers Training on the Voice led by Kristin Linklater (U.S.A) and Teacher straining Voice at Shakespeare & Co (The Mount, Lennox). He also did the biyearly teachers training with Catherine Fitzmaurice, in which he was appointed associate teacher.

Peter has attended the yearly voice and theatre reunions at the Roy Hart Theatre in Malerargues (F) with Enrique Pardo since 1989.

He obtained his singing experience with Richard Armstrong (at the Banff centre in Canada in 2009) and with the deceased English soprano Venice Manley. Peter has also attended the yearly dancing courses (between 1991 and 2010) given by Dominique Dupuy, a French dancing pedagogue at the Rencontres Internationales de la Danse Contemporaine in Paris.

After 6 years of being an assistant at the Faculty of Political and Social Sciences at the Catholic University of Leuven, Peter decided to focus more on his theatre career.

He is a member of several acting companies in Belgium, the Netherlands and France, performing a classical as well as a modern repertoire.

Peter is retired drama teacher of the conservatory of Brussels, Liège and Ghent (KASK).

With the Sonnets of W. Shakespeare, the recital programme with S. Rouffaer, P. Deneckere (flute) and M. Verstegen (harpsichord) he has toured around Flanders. Apart from that he also gained some directing experience with several amateur acting companies in Flanders.

As an actor he is known for several BRT-VRT and TF1-RTBF productions. His most recent roles were in “Recht op recht”,” Witse”, “Kinderen van Dewindt” and “Thuis”.