Priske Dehandschutter "About Singing and Being"

Lecture (in Dutch, slides in English)

What regulates the singer? To sing; a craft of our body, perception, and psyche. Symbiosis or synergy? Where do singing lessons and trauma therapy meet? Do we have to guard the borders? And what to do with singers walking up against a development wall, can we find a way to watch singing over the wall?

A lecture about a personal quest, experiences and the growth towards our authentic vocal identity.

There is room for further discussion and questions about personal experiences (as a singer, as a teacher, as a therapist)

Workshop "The Art of Listening" (according to the Lichtenberger Method)

As a starting point for this workshop we follow the Lichtenberger methodology. There will be sung together but will be asked to individually examine their own sound. Then there is room for sharing experiences. During the workshop you can come into contact with phenomena of your voice and the associated sensory sound perception.

This workshop is for anyone who has questions and interests in sound / voice and is prepared to be led by a process of own sensory perception.


Priske Dehandschutter graduated from the Maastricht conservatory and attended the International Opera Academy Ghent.

After this she worked as a freelance singer and actress for (music) theatre and television. She teaches sound development lessons according to the Lichtenberger method at LUCA school of Arts Leuven and individual lessons in Ghent and London. In the last 15 years she has been studying the functioning of the voice.

She took singing lessons with Ingrid Voermans, which gave her insight into sound development and sensory perception. Priske subsequently graduated from the 'Lichtenberger Institute for angewandte Stimmphysiologie Germany'.

In 2016-2017 she took lessons with Professor W. Stephen Smith at the singing faculty of the Chicago North-western University where she took a close look at his technique 'The Naked Voice', a 'wholistic' method.

For several years she has been following the course 'International Advanced Training in Identity Oriented Psychotraumatheory and - therapy, and the Intention Method' (by Prof. Franz Ruppert) in Munich and Oslo. This identity-based set-up therapy gives her a broader picture and an in-depth insight into the development of the singer and the possible influence of trauma on the voice, the body, in short, our complete being.