Raf De Groote: “Body Mapping: body, mind and breathing”

Lecture (in Dutch, slides in English)

In this lecture a number of elements are discussed that are part of the workshop series “Breathing Path for Professionals”. These insights are the result of years of study and experience through methods, opinions, dogmas, mysteries and sometimes misunderstandings that we encounter in respiratory education.

On this trip I learned to see how breathing is connected to the whole body and your inner status. With intentional breathing use, your expectations, imagination, being able to "feel" also plays a major role. Moreover, numerous reflexes and external forces such as gravity, tension patterns, posture and much more are involved.

Being able to use a more profound understanding of these elements and the functional anatomy of breathing can dramatically improve your breathing control. In addition, seeing music as a form of movement is a great help: not only will you learn to initiate, dose, but you will open the way to greater physical and mental artistic freedom.

The transfer and "embodying" of these elements is a fully scientifically based process with which we become acquainted today. You will find elements from the pedagogy of the Franklin Method, Body Mapping, Alexander Technique, Feldenkrais, Somatics, Blandine Calais-Germaine, and from respiratory methods and surprising knowledge of respiratory physiology.


In this workshop you get experimental insight into the relationship between posture, freedom of movement, breathing and psyche.

The relationship between breathing to live and intentional breathing technique is also discussed more in detail. You also get a look at breath volumes, the physical breathing structure and the connection with larynx and vocal folds. You experience how gravity and founding power can be awakened and strengthened through reflexes and the meaning of all this with "breath support". This workshop is fully scientifically based and uses the latest insights in biomechanics, psychology, fascia ...


- How to embody ideal functionality according to your "design" and to get out of the downward spiral of looking at limitations and "don’t”, but also how you can awaken and apply your proprioception

- How to really sing "from your body", free from mystery and dogma and how you can intentionally influence your "autonomous" nervous system to measure and regulate inner peace.

You take inspiration and a good mood back home with immediately usable exercises.


Flutist Raf De Groote (1960) made a thorough training as a late beginner. From personal history, he went in search of a deeper insight into the relationship between the body and making music. This never- ending search was about Feldenkrais, Alexander technique and Body Mapping (teachers certificate). In the end he was the first Belgian to follow the 3-year training to Franklin Method educator. Raf gives numerous workshops on the role of posture, movement, breathing and making music. (OVSG: Body Mind and Music / Breathing trajectory for professionals / Fit for the Office.) He was a guest on "Sing That Body" of the NVZ in Arnhem (2016) and on the Akousticum Talent Program (NCPA Arnhem) / Koortreffen Choir and Voice Torhout 2016 / ....