Symposium 30 March 2019 10: 30-17: 30 "The voice inside out”

Location: Royal Conservatory Antwerp, Desguinlei 25, 

2018 Antwerp.

Abstracts Symposium


Morning: Lectures

Matthias Echternach (D): ‘The voice inside ‘- MRI based analyses (singing and speaking voice)

Sanne Graulund (DK): 'connected singing' - Working on the fascia in the body in order to provide a

platform for the voice to unfold

Ineke van Doorn (NL): 'Singing from the inside out' - Exploring the voice, the singer, the song

Matthias Echternach'The tenor' - A physiological view


Afternoon: Rotating workshops

Sanne Graulund: Connected singing

Through stretching, movement and sound, we solve old body patterns that no longer support us. From there we rebuild and strengthen the muscles that support the voice, to sing on the airflow from the inside out.

Ineke van Doorn: Improvisation

Improvisation has a lot to offer: it gives you the freedom to tell your own story in a special and personal way. Improvisation will also enhance your musical ear, your understanding of musical structures and your self-confidence. But above all: it's a lot of fun! Because it seems that there are no rules, some people are afraid to improvise and to enter the unknown. In this workshop you will experience that improvisation is like a conversation in which you can participate in different ways. Everyone can do it and will do it in its own way. In this workshop we will do exercises that support the musical conversation that makes improvisation.


Prof. Dr. Matthias Echternach worked for many years at the Institute for Performing Arts Medicine - University of Freiburg Germany, as an ENT doctor. The MRI research of the voice, which he worked on, resulted in a beautiful DVD: "The Voice" - Insights into the Physiology of Singing and Speaking. Since 2018 he has been professor of Phoniatry and pediatric audiology at the University of Munich, Germany. Besides solo activity as a tenor, he is a member of several internationally recognized vocal ensembles such as the Kammerchor Stuttgart.

Sanne Graulund is a Danish Fascia researcher, singer, composer and teacher at the Danish Royal Music Academy in Copenhagen. She also works as a freelance teacher and singer. She released 4 CDs, wrote music for films and was a musical leader in several plays in Denmark.

In her lessons, Sanne combines fascia with traditional voice training. She has developed an online training course for voice training:

Ineke van Doorn, Dutch Edison winner, travels the world as a jazz singer, teaches at the Artez School of Arts in Arnhem and wrote a book "Professioneel zingen voor iedereen" that was translated in English in 2016: "Singing from the inside out ". The book is a big success and is now internationally used at colleges and universities. In this approach the vocal sound of the student is not modeled after an existing sound ideal. Instead one explores what the singer wants to express, his vocal abilities and the relationship with the chosen repertoire.



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