Latest news from our members

Evta-Be gives the active members the opportunity to announce their concert workshops - lectures - research through this channel.

Do you soon give a concert, workshop, lecture or get a special mention? Please let us know by and we will post it on this site.

Our member Françoise Vanhecke has become Doctor in the Arts with the dissertation 'Inhaling Singing, a new extended vocal technique'.

She was lecturer performer with "More than a voice, much more" on Saturday, August 5th at the ICVT in Stockholm.

Her ICVT sing along song was interpreted on invitation in the context of the Closing Ceremony and can be seen on youtube:

She was a panelist of the Round Table 'Interpreting inhaling sounds at Pevoc 12 on August 30.


Our member An Meeusen gave two workshops 'Creative with voice and sound' and 'Singing with your heart and soul' at Pevoc.

She is also involved in the Doewap project of our partner Koor & Stem


Our member Catrin Wyn Davies was a member of the Pevoc Round Table Panel 'Voice Therapy and Singing Pedagogy: Redundancy or Complementary?'


Our member Kristin Daemers was together with Lieve Jansen, president of Evta-Be chair of the Pevoc Round table 'Voice therapy and singing pedagogy: redundancy or complementary?' She also gave a free paper 'Towards a vocal endurance test with prognostic value: changes in voice quality and laryngeal comfort after vocal loading in future teachers'


Our Honorary Member Wivine Decoster gives a lecture on the aging of voice and communication during the symposium 'The Voice of Our Memory' on October 27th in Ghent organized by our partner Koor& Stem.